Download Source Code Nestoria Slider 1.0.12

Savio Dimatteo is announcing that Nestoria Slider with version number 1.0.12 is already available to download.

What is Nestoria Slider ?

Nestoria Slider is A jQuery plugin for building single and double-handle drag sliders, complete with support for mobile devices and touch gestures .

The Nestoria Slider plugin, also known as jquery.nstSlider.js, allows developers to replace input fields with a horizontal drag slider that allows users to adjust the value of a field using a special handle and drag & drop actions.Moving the handle to the right or left automatically adjusts the value inside the input field, easier and with much enough accuracy.Selections can also be made via touch gestures on touchscreen devices, via the mouse and the keyboard on regular desktop devices.Developers have full control over how the slider looks via CSS, while there are also lots of settings and methods that they can also tweak to modify its default behavior.Examples and usage instructions are included with the Nestoria Slider package.

This is changelog for Nestoria Slider version 1.0.12 :

  • Crossable_handles feature.
  • Fixed imprecise slider movement when IE zoom is enabled.
  • Fixed slider grip being dragged when mouse hits against its rightmost edge.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Nestoria Slider - The Nestoria Slider can be used to build classic drag-based range slidersNestoria Slider - The Nestoria Slider component also supports single-handle sliders as wellNestoria Slider - One of the slider's handles can even be attached in a fixed positionNestoria Slider - The slider can also highlight a certain range it wants the user to be in