Download Source Code ngCordova 0.1.27-alpha

Drifty, Co. is announcing that ngCordova Drifty, Co. with version number 0.1.27-alpha is already available to download.

What is ngCordova Drifty, Co. ?

ngCordova Drifty, Co. is .

When developing mobile applications, developers usually take two approaches. One is to develop using a native technology like Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS. The second is to use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, building a Web-accessible application on top of a common technology that almost all smartphones can access and render. The latter is becoming more and more used, mainly because of the plethora of new mobile development frameworks that have hit the market, and especially because of the PhoneGap and Cordova projects that provide a simple API for working with various phone features. ngCordova is for projects that use Apache Cordova and AngularJS, providing a set of AngularJS extensions specially crafted to help with developing mobile applications. The extensions themselves tap into various Cordova API features and provide simple abstraction layers to interact with various phone features or help build common UI widgets. Currently supported extensions will help with: Console interactions Device sniffing Device motions Device orientation Camera controls Status bar Vibration controls Network information Geo-location Dialog messages Splash screens Managing contacts Bower support File management Globalization Google Analytics Local notifications Pin dialog PuSH notifications Social sharing Spinners SQLite support Toast mesages Barcode scanning

This is changelog for ngCordova Drifty, Co. version 0.1.27-alpha :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: