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OctoberCMS Team is announcing that October CMS with version number Build 290 is already available to download.

What is October CMS ?

October CMS is A professional Content Management System built on the Laravel PHP MVC framework, ideal for all sorts of websites, regardless of size .

October is a new CMS developed by a team of developers focused on implementing proper programming techniques and creating a modern CMS in tune with the times, recent PHP versions, and coding techniques.Instead of convoluted interfaces and mangled code, October takes full advantage of its underlying PHP framework, Laravel, and implements only the highest and most efficient content management features needed.October CMS’ codebase assures developers they can build any type of website they want, without being limited by the admin panel or old pieces of code that need to support older versions of the product.The CMS features an eye-catching and easy to use backend dashboard, where webmasters can manage everything, but separately from one another: pages, blogs, templates, layouts, snippets, and the content.Admins can manage users, user groups, localization packages, components, editing settings, categories, and so on.This allows them to really build customizable products, and not waste time trying to avoid limitations in the CMS’ build.

This is changelog for October CMS version Build 290 :

  • Added new `makeFormWidget()` method to `WidgetMaker` trait for rendering form widgets individually. This method is now available to backend controllers, controller behaviors and widgets themselves. Check to make sure your classes do not define a conflicting method of this name.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

October CMS - October CMS comes with an easy to use installerOctober CMS - Database and administration credentials are entered during the installationOctober CMS - Once everything installed OK, admins can log in their backendOctober CMS - The October CMS dashboard is the first thing they'll seeOctober CMS - This backend is fully editable and customizableOctober CMS - Pages can be managed via the CMS menu optionOctober CMSOctober CMS - Re-usable code snippets known as partials are also supportedOctober CMSOctober CMS - October CMS can also manage multiple page layouts in its backend as wellOctober CMSOctober CMS - The content is managed separately from the page templates with October CMSOctober CMSOctober CMS - An assets and file browser is also present in the October backendOctober CMS - October CMS can be extended via installable componentsOctober CMS - A blogging module is also included by default with the October CMS installationOctober CMSOctober CMSOctober CMSOctober CMS - October CMS admins can manage the site's public userbase if they wish toOctober CMSOctober CMS - Lots of settings are available via the October System sectionOctober CMSOctober CMSOctober CMS - October CMS also supports front-end themesOctober CMS - Each plugin has its own configuration page (if it needs one) under the System menu optionOctober CMSOctober CMS - Email alerts and notification templates can be edited via the backendOctober CMSOctober CMS - The admin accounts can be edited via the System section as wellOctober CMSOctober CMS - An automatic updates manager is packaged with the October CMSOctober CMSOctober CMSOctober CMS - Various logs are kept to help with debuggingOctober CMS - A default theme is included with the standard October installation