Download Source Code OmniAuth 1.3.1

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Intridea, Inc. is announcing that OmniAuth with version number 1.3.1 is already available to download.

What is OmniAuth ?

OmniAuth is .

OmniAuth sets to provide a modern solution to handle the various ways applications and websites tend to authenticate users on their services. The library works as a wireframe for various services and providers, allowing a solid base on which “strategies” embodied via OmniAuth modules can be added and support various authentication systems. So if you install OmniAuth and then the Facebook and Twitter strategies, you’ll be able to register and login users with their respective Facebook and Twitter credentials. The way OmniAuth works is to provide standard methods of dealing with common operations found in all the user authentication procedures, smoothing out differences between all these services and providing a set of uniform functions that can be used by any developer to support his own authentication scheme. From LDAP to OAuth, all major authentication technologies are supported. OmniAuth was built as a Rack middleware and can also be used with Ruby on Rails, JRuby, and Rubinius.

This is changelog for OmniAuth version 1.3.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: