Download Source Code OSClass 3.6.1

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OSClass Development Team is announcing that OSClass with version number 3.6.1 is already available to download.

What is OSClass ?

OSClass is .

From a tiny Web script a few years back, OSClass has become one of the most used classified ads scripts on the market today. Thanks to an administration panel and a file structure similar to what WordPress uses, users have found it incredibly easy to install and start adding content within OSClass. This is mainly because of subliminal automated procedures and operations to which they have gotten accustomed while working all those years with WordPress, experience that came into handy when having to install OSClass for the first time. OSClass itself is a pretty generic system at its core, allowing webmasters to host any type of classified ads system from Web-based ads, to car dealerships, to job portals and even real estate sites. OSClass doesn’t care the kind of data you want it to host, just make sure it’s properly organized so it won’t confuse users. The system can be configured to work in two ways. You can add all the ads yourself, or you can allow users to submit ads as well. This will help build your content much faster, either by using batch importers in the backend, or by relying on the community to create the content for you.

This is changelog for OSClass version 3.6.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

OSClass - OSClass uses a WordPress-like installation wizard to help you install itOSClass - Admin credentials are added during the installationOSClass - The OSClass dashboard looks like a regular WP dashboardOSClass - The OSClass admin sidebar menu comes in a darker shade as wellOSClass - Classified ads and listings can easily be managed for various categories and ad typesOSClass - Editing or creating an ad is extremely simple with a WP-like interfaceOSClass - screenshot #7OSClass - screenshot #8OSClass - A media library is included with OSClass, just like with WordPressOSClass - A comments moderation feature is included as wellOSClass - screenshot #11OSClass - screenshot #12OSClass - The OSClass marketplace for free and commercial themes and plugins can be accessed right from the backendOSClass - screenshot #14OSClass - screenshot #15OSClass - screenshot #16OSClass - Current installed themes are kept in a separate location of the admin panelOSClass - A sidebar and widgets management utility is included, similar to what WordPress possessesOSClass - screenshot #19OSClass - Multiple plugins can be installed, activated or disabled from a special section of the OSClass backendOSClass - A statistics and reports center is packed with OSClassOSClass - Various tweaks can be made to the classified ads system via the OSClass settings pageOSClass - The categories can also be managed from the OSClass Settings sectionOSClass - screenshot #24OSClass - Locations can also be managed from the OSClass backendOSClass - screenshot #26OSClass - screenshot #27OSClass - screenshot #28OSClass - screenshot #29OSClass - screenshot #30OSClass - screenshot #31OSClass - screenshot #32OSClass - screenshot #33OSClass - screenshot #34OSClass - Static HTML pages can be added and managed from the OSClass backend, just like on the WordPress platformOSClass - The OSClass userbase can also be managed and edited at willOSClass - screenshot #37OSClass - Admin and backend users are managed separately from the frontend userbaseOSClass - screenshot #39OSClass - OSClass includes an IP, email and user banning systemOSClass - screenshot #41OSClass - A database backup utility is included by defaultOSClass - screenshot #43OSClass - OSClass can easily be switched to maintenance mode whenever neededOSClass - The frontend of an OSClass installation looks like any other classified ads scriptOSClass - Listings will provide all the information a user might needOSClass - Users can easily submit listings from the OSClass frontend