Download Source Code Oxwall 1.7.5

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Oxwall Software is announcing that Oxwall with version number 1.7.5 is already available to download.

What is Oxwall ?

Oxwall is A PHP and MySQL social network script .

Oxwall was designed to allow webmasters to build and run online communities, portals and social networks.The Oxwall platform allows users to interact with one another and share content between them.This includes messages, news, music, videos and many other more.Oxwall is extremely easy to setup and is not limited to experienced programmers, anyone being able to use it, even persons without advanced programming experience.

This is changelog for Oxwall version 1.7.5 :

  • New join form for mobile version (which didn’t make it to the 1.7 release).
  • Messages plugin enhancements (based on feedback and real-life testing).

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Oxwall - An installation wizard is packed with OxwallOxwall - Plugins can be installed all at once with the Oxwall core at first runOxwall - The Oxwall admin, adding user groupsOxwall - The Oxwall admin, managing user settings and optionsOxwall - The Oxwall admin, managing privacy settingsOxwall - The Oxwall admin, editing permissions on an user group levelOxwall - The Oxwall admin, themes can be customized at willOxwall - The Oxwall admin, the theme management utilityOxwall - The Oxwall admin, the plugin installerOxwall - The Oxwall admin, managing page layoutsOxwall - The Oxwall admin, managing the user's dashboard layoutOxwall - The Oxwall admin, managing the user profile page layoutOxwall - Oxwall frontend, empty social network installation, fresh off the installerOxwall - Oxwall frontend, an installation with more content addedOxwall - Oxwall frontend, viewing an user's profile page