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Adam Morse is announcing that Pesticide with version number 1.3.1 is already available to download.

What is Pesticide ?

Pesticide is .

Everyone of us has done it before. Every time we had a problem with our CSS, we added a 1 pixel red border to two or more elements just to get a sense of what’s going on and where the problem is lying. While this very useful, it’s also very annoying since it requires developers to manually add the border to each of the page element we want to debug and then remove it later. The Pesticide tool is a tool for doing this but in an automated, cleaner, and faster way. Unlike the aforementioned way, Pesticide works by adding a 1 pixel outline to each page element, each outline colored differently based on the type of element it encloses. Pesticide is available as: CSS stylesheet Stylus file LESS file SASS file Browser bookmarklet Google Chrome extension

This is changelog for Pesticide version 1.3.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Pesticide - Pesticide is a powerful debug tool for CSS, Stylus, LESS, and SASS/SCSS code