Download Source Code phpFastCache 3.0.5

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Khoa Bui is announcing that phpFastCache with version number 3.0.5 is already available to download.

What is phpFastCache ?

phpFastCache is A PHP class that can serve as a generic interface for multiple caching systems, helping developers improve their site’s performance by taking some load off their databases .

phpFastCache works by caching database queries and saving the results to a caching engine, storing it and serving it up to users visiting the site.This way the database results and pages are served from the caching engine instead of being compiled over and over again, saving server resources and cutting down on traffic between the database server and the PHP engine (if they’re stored on different machines).Where you can use phpFastCache? In environments where you have repetitive database queries. There’s no reason to have the database execute the same query over and over again for hours. Cache it and serve its results to users until the data in the database changes. Then re-cache it and do it again.Supported caching mediums:File storageMemCacheMemCachedAPCWinCacheXCachePDO with SQLite

This is changelog for phpFastCache version 3.0.5 :

  • Correcting comparisons with Booleans so they use identical operators.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: