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Michiel Dethmers is announcing that phpList with version number 3.1.2 is already available to download.

What is phpList ?

phpList is An open source email announcement delivery system, a powerful, self-hosted mailing list manager and email campaign administration toolkit .

phpList is just like MailChimp, only self-hosted, with all the data stored on your own servers instead of some shady company’s servers, on the Internet, where hackers or the likes of the NSA can get to them.phpList is perfect for managing newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, mailing lists, news announcements, press releases, press rooms and many other more.Using phpList is just like using any other MLM (Mailing List Manager), with a very user-friendly interface, and a complicated, advanced high-grade settings panel included as well.Webmasters can take a list of emails (imported or subscribed directly) add it to an email campaign, create a newsletter template and send it out at desired intervals.After emails are sent, the webmaster will get various statistics about each email and the list in general, helping him deduct if the newsletter in total was successful or some more tweaks will need to be made to future editions.Besides just managing email lists and mailing campaigns, phpList also includes a special utility for creating subscription forms, dedicated HTML pages where users can subscribe to a newsletter by their own.These pages can be embedded with fully-working websites, integrating phpList with active CMSs and forums.

This is changelog for phpList version 3.1.2 :

  • Supercharged export.
  • AJAX subscription page text.
  • No longer be able to inadvertently upload a binary file, such as an exel file which would create garbled data in a subscriber list.
  • Be able to see a list of all subscribers, including those not on a list, to make it clearer how many subscribers are in the system in total. This is automatic in hosted, configurable in download.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

phpList - phpList includes an assisted installation wizardphpList - During the installation, administration details can be enteredphpList - The admin must go through various configuration steps to get phpList up and runningphpList - If all is installed correctly, the admin must login to access the backendphpList - The backend includes an easy to use administration dashboardphpList - phpList can be used to manage a large list of email subscribersphpList - For the subscriber database, various options are availablephpList - Admins can easily import new subscribers listsphpList - Admins can also export subscribers listsphpList - For each list, various settings are availablephpList - Lists and subscribers can be organized in mailing campaignsphpList - For each campaign, various details can be setupphpList - The campaign's email template can also be editedphpList - phpList comes packed with a comprehensive statistical tool as wellphpList - phpList can be used to view and manage email bouncesphpList - The phpList database can also be optimized at any given moment to improve performancephpList - phpList includes a powerful logging toolkit as wellphpList - If the phpList system is out of date, an automatic system upgrader is includedphpList - Various email bounce management options are available with phpListphpList - Once everything is ready, the admin can start sending emails for his prepared campaignsphpList - Various overall details can be configured via the phpList settings sectionphpList - phpList can be extended via pluginsphpList - Custom attribute fields can be added for the subscription formsphpList - An infinite number of subscribe pages and templates can be created and managed with phpListphpList - Admin user account details can be edited as wellphpList - A sample default subscription page is included with the phpList package