Download Source Code ProcessWire 2.6.1 / 2.6.23DEV

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Ryan Cramer is announcing that ProcessWire with version number 2.6.1 / 2.6.23DEV is already available to download.

What is ProcessWire ?

ProcessWire is .

ProcessWire is one of those CMS scripts that extremely easy to setup and use but for which you need a developer to help you set it up. While the default sample data that comes with any ProcessWire installation should provide a good starting point to build smaller projects, to take full advantage of ProcessWire’s real features you need someone with more advanced programming knowledge. Utilizing a pretty powerful template engine and customizable data fields, ProcessWire can adapt its management possibilities and administrative interface to handle any type of content or data structure. This is where ProcessWire’s real power is and the feature that most Web developers started recommending it over Drupal. Much faster and much cleaner than Drupal, but still as versatile and adaptable, ProcessWire is a rising star in the CMS world. Because of its powerful API, templated layout and module extendability, ProcessWire can easily be used for any type of project, even large scale ones.

This is changelog for ProcessWire version 2.6.1 / 2.6.23DEV :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ProcessWire - ProcessWire comes with a solid installation wizardProcessWire - The admin username and backend theme are selected during the installation process as wellProcessWire - The ProcessWire admin panel is password protectedProcessWire - ProcessWire comes with an easy to understand page tree viewProcessWire - ProcessWire features a WYSIWYG page editing experienceProcessWire - Lots of additional page settings can also be tweakedProcessWire - screenshot #7ProcessWire - Various site-wide ProcessWire CMS settings can be configured from the Setup optionProcessWire - Page templates can be edited in depth with the ProcessWire CMSProcessWire - screenshot #10ProcessWire - screenshot #11ProcessWire - screenshot #12ProcessWire - screenshot #13ProcessWire - screenshot #14ProcessWire - screenshot #15ProcessWire - screenshot #16ProcessWire - screenshot #17ProcessWire - ProcessWire content fields can also be customized to allow developers more control over the contentProcessWire - screenshot #19ProcessWire - screenshot #20ProcessWire - screenshot #21ProcessWire - screenshot #22ProcessWire - screenshot #23ProcessWire - screenshot #24ProcessWire - ProcessWire can easily be extended via modulesProcessWire - A module installation tool is packaged with the default ProcessWire installationProcessWire - Access rights and user accounts can be managed as well with ProcessWireProcessWire - ProcessWire includes a powerful userbase management toolkitProcessWire - screenshot #29ProcessWire - User roles can also be modified within the ProcessWire CMSProcessWire - screenshot #31ProcessWire - Various actions and permissions can be tweaked in the ProcessWire backendProcessWire - screenshot #33ProcessWire - A default frontend theme is included with every ProcessWire distribution