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is announcing that RainLoop with version number is already available to download.

What is RainLoop ?

RainLoop is An open source PHP application that allows users to login into their email accounts using their own, self-hosted Webmail interface .

RainLoop is for people tired of the constant changes to their email account’s Web interface, tired of all the ads, and tired of the network latency and slow responsive UI.This small PHP script can be deployed to any personal (public or local) Web server and allow the user to log in into any email account.RainLoop’s interface is simple, fast, and responsive, letting users read their emails without any hindrance from ads, popups, and so on.RainLoop can work from Apache, nginx, lighttpd, IIS, or any other server supporting PHP and does not require any prior installation procedures.By default it will work with Gmail, Outlook, QQ, and Yahoo accounts, with all other email domains blocked out. This can be changed by adding your own domain.ini file to the “/app/domains/” folder.If this seems too complicated, then use the administration panel which can be accessed by adding the “?admin” termination next to your RainLoop installation path.

This is changelog for RainLoop version :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

RainLoop - RainLoop allows users to login into their email accounts using their own self-hosted Webmail interfaceRainLoop - RainLoop comes with a classic inbox look, so users will feel right at homeRainLoop - New emails can also be composed and sent out via RainLoopRainLoop - Users have a plethora of controls at their disposal to manage their inbox and ...RainLoop - ... their emails individuallyRainLoop - New folders can be created and added to an account if neededRainLoop - A settings page is also included with RainLoopRainLoop - Multiple email accounts can be managed from the same interface, and email domains can be blacklistedRainLoop - Users can also manage their identities and email signaturesRainLoop - The folder list can be managed from the RainLoop settings pageRainLoop - The RainLoop interface can be customized via themesRainLoop - RainLoop supports email account folders/tagsRainLoop - The RainLoop administration panel is different from the email interface, and can be accessed via a separate interfaceRainLoop - Once logged in, the admin can customize various RainLoop settingsRainLoop - Login screen, branding, and contacts storage can be modified at willRainLoop - screenshot #16RainLoop - screenshot #17RainLoop - Email domains can be managed using a whitelisting systemRainLoop - screenshot #19RainLoop - RainLoop security settings and social integration can also be modifiedRainLoop - screenshot #21RainLoop - The RainLoop system can also be expanded via third-party pluginsRainLoop - screenshot #23