Download Source Code RedisDB 2.46

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Pavel Shaydo is announcing that RedisDB with version number 2.46 is already available to download.

What is RedisDB ?

RedisDB is A Perl module for easily interfacing with a Redis database, a basic abstraction layer that allows developers to send or retrieve data from the database .

RedisDB was created so Perl developers can have an easier way to access Redis databases using native Perl code, without having to write C or SQL code to do so.The module creates an intermediary layer which handles all the down and gritty work of opening up connections, translating Perl code to database operations, running the commands, retrieving results, and providing a way to integrate those results back in the Perl program.Besides basic operations, developers can also get statistics about the database’s usage, get a list of connected clients, and even shut down the DB server.There’s also support for UTF-8, the pipeline mode, Pub/Sub notifications, database transactions, database clusters, and a special class to handle Redis errors.

This is changelog for RedisDB version 2.46 :

  • Disable debugging output by default
  • Fix the way information about the nodes is stored
  • Fix parsing of cluster_nodes output
  • Add wrapper for cluster_info

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: