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The Dojo Foundation is announcing that RequireJS with version number 2.1.19 is already available to download.

What is RequireJS ?

RequireJS is A respected JavaScript file and module loader, coming with support for client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js, Rhino) environments .

RequireJS might sound complex, but after a developer understands what it can do and what are its true capabilities, it will become a de-facto requirement for any project he’ll work with.This small JavaScript library was created to automatically handle JS file dependencies, for controlling when and how a file is loaded, and set the load order of JavaScript files.The library can work with Rhino, Node.js, jQuery, Dojo, and CommonJS (AMD) modules.It can be used with regular websites and Web applications, but it can also work with more modern single-page apps, being extremely useful and helping developers control when JavaScript files are loaded, especially since not all of them will be needed at page load.As you can imagine using RequireJS greatly increases page loading speed and also the overall performance of an application.

This is changelog for RequireJS version 2.1.19 :

  • Esprima 2.0 is used by the optimizer when parsing modules for dependencies. This allows some ES6 features to be used. Whatever is parsable by Esprima 2.0 is what is supported (when running in xpcshell, Reflect.parse is still used).
  • The r.js optimizer runs in Nashorn now.
  • Expanded support of some UMD-wrapped files that start with !function(a) {…`. If you use the UMD node package to generate your UMD wrappers, upgrade to umd@3.0.0 or later to get full compatibility with the r.js optimizer.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: