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Josep Sanz is announcing that RhinOS with version number 3.0-1341 is already available to download.

What is RhinOS ?

RhinOS is .

Besides being an out-of-the-box solution for webmasters, RhinOS can easily be modified for any usage scenario thanks to its extensibility and available documentation. Backend: Online set-up editor that enables you to modify the set-up of a control panel’s set-up without needing to change any file Freezing of the content management system for administrative tasks, showing users a customised message which indicates that management tasks are being made in the website Download and restoration of content backups and CMS’ configuration Set-up, that will allow you to manage parameters of internal set-up of the CMS User management, functions and permissions to create profiles and users with pseudo-manager’s permissions Applications, lists, forms and relationships that allow you to define how data will be shown in the CMS Notes which permits leaving messages for users and will be showed when accessing the CMS Management of dinamics, that allows you to shape data types to be employeed with the RhinOS technology “Dinamics”. Frontend: Set-up of the user level to; define parameters that end users will be able to manage (such as, the number of records in the lists) Management of users which belong to user level, so that depending on permissions they have, normal users can create subusers (they will never be able to escalate privileges) Google Maps Labels: texts that appear in the website and do not belong to a specific application. Photos and documents: files and photos that can be used in a static way in the web portal website, but always with the option of end user management Dynamic pages, useful as a example of how to create applications that use RhinOS’ technology “Dinamics”. Email campaigns

This is changelog for RhinOS version 3.0-1341 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

RhinOS - RhinOS backend