Download Source Code Select2 4.0.0 / 4.0.1-rc.1

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Igor Vaynberg is announcing that Select2 with version number 4.0.0 / 4.0.1-rc.1 is already available to download.

What is Select2 ?

Select2 is .

Select2 allows developers to customize how drop-down select elements and optgroups are displayed on a page. It not only allows developers to use custom skins, but also modifies the way select elements are used as well. Select2 deeply alters how drop-down selects work, enhancing their UI and UX with more user-friendly features. While this might seem unsolicited, most of the added features are not only desired by developers, but end users seem to like having them at their disposal as well. Select2 can make the process of selecting an item from a list a lot more friendly, and a lot faster as well. This jQuery plugin is based on the Chosen script.

This is changelog for Select2 version 4.0.0 / 4.0.1-rc.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Select2 - Select2 works by transforming a simple drop-down list into a fully-featured auto-complete entry fieldSelect2 - Select2 can also work with extra data, images, and templated layoutsSelect2 - Select2 also supports selecting multiple list items at once