Download Source Code Simple Combobox 1.1.21

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Ilya Kremer is announcing that Simple Combobox with version number 1.1.21 is already available to download.

What is Simple Combobox ?

Simple Combobox is A lightweight jQuery plugin for transforming simple drop-down select field form elements into fully customizable combobox widgets .

The difference from a drop-down select field and a combobox is that users can type inside the combobox header to narrow down the available selections or even to enter their own custom option.Comboboxes are usually used with large drop-down select fields, where the data is just too big to be viewed on the page or reading it takes way too long for the user.This way a combobox will simply allow the user to type in the option he wants to choose and as soon as text is entered in the combobox header, only matching terms will remain visible.In-depth usage instructions are included with the Simple Combobox README file.

This is changelog for Simple Combobox version 1.1.21 :

  • Color fix.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Simple Combobox - jquery-simple-combobox transforms a select field into a combobox widgetSimple Combobox - Users can easily type inside the combobox field to narrow down the options, or add an unique selection themselves