Download Source Code Smoke 2.2.4

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Alfredo Barron is announcing that Smoke with version number 2.2.4 is already available to download.

What is Smoke ?

Smoke is A collection of UI components for Bootstrap projects, packed as a jQuery plugin that can be easily added to any of your projects .

Smoke is a jQuery plugin which you can load on top of Bootstrap and add some extra functionality that’s not packed with it by default.The plugin adds support for a few operations like:- form validation- alert messages- confirmation popups- progress bars- HTML5-based fullscreen display- panel windows- number to currency format conversions- getting current page’s URL- getting the current date- calculating date differencesTrivial at first sight, these widgets and helper functions provide some cool new features on top of what already is a great tool in Bootstrap, while cutting down development time by not making the user right them himself.Demos and docs are included with the Smoke download package.

This is changelog for Smoke version 2.2.4 :

  • Added French language.
  • Updated license to LGPL.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Smoke - Smoke comes with a fully-working form data validation packageSmoke - Alerts and notifications can be triggered via Smoke's built-in functionsSmoke - Confirmation messages can be displayed if needed as wellSmoke - The Smoke jQuery plugin also comes with a way to show a simple progress indicatorSmoke - Panel windows along with various other controls can be created with Smoke