Download Source Code StyleStats 5.4.3

Koji Ishimoto is announcing that StyleStats with version number 5.4.3 is already available to download.

What is StyleStats ?

StyleStats is A Node.js command line utility that can be used in analyzing CSS stylesheet files and reporting on various metrics and performance indicators .

To use StyleStats, just point it to a CSS file and it will tell you various stats about it, ideal for debugging and improving overall CSS policies.StyleStats can work with manually entered CSS code, it can retrieve all the CSS loaded on a specific URL, or it can parse and analyze local or remote stylesheets directly.Under the hood, this tool works by parsing the CSS code line by line, and collecting various parameters, storing them into a local JSON. When all the CSS file has been parsed, the JSON is dumped into the Node.js console.Additionally, for historical referencing, the StyleStats output can also be saved to a GitHub Gist or an external file. JSON, CSV and HTML formats are currently supported.Modules for Gulp.js and Grunt.js are also available.

This is changelog for StyleStats version 5.4.3 :

  • New features:
  • Average of Identifier metric
  • Average of Cohesion metric
  • Plot with Google Analytics

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

StyleStats - StyleStats is a command line tool for Node.js, useful in analyzing CSS filesStyleStats - StyleStats collects and displays various details about a CSS stylesheet fileStyleStats - StyleStats CSS metrics can also be outputted to an external HTML file