Download Source Code Symfony Demo Application 0.6.1

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is announcing that Symfony Demo Application with version number 0.6.1 is already available to download.

What is Symfony Demo Application ?

Symfony Demo Application is A demo project for Symfony applications, serving as a tutorial and starter kit for other more complex applications where Symfony is used as a CMF .

The Symfony Demo Application is a boilerplate for projects developed on top of the Symfony PHP MVC framework, but also a smaller alternative to the Symfony CMF. It serves as a starting point for complex projects, providing both a sample frontend and backend which developers can expand and adapt to their own project’s requirements.The Symfony Demo Application will show developers how to properly use the Symfony framework to build blogging platforms, CMSs, forums, and other content administration utilities.Its role is more of a tutorial and how-to guide, teaching developers some of the Symfony best practices when it comes to implementing the framework in a live production environment.The actual demo application is a blogging engine, but its pages can be broken down with the help of a button which shows a modal where the developer can look at the source code that produced it.This way developers can have a quick look at how a backend or frontend’s code needs to look like, taking inspiration and then going on to build his own platform.

This is changelog for Symfony Demo Application version 0.6.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Symfony Demo Application - The Symfony Demo Application is a boilerplate for PHP projects running on the Symfony MVC frameworkSymfony Demo Application - It comes with both frontend and backend sections, the admin panel being password protectedSymfony Demo Application - The Symfony Demo Application admin panel provides raw controls for adding basic content to a Symfony appSymfony Demo Application - Editing controls included here serve as a wireframe for future projectsSymfony Demo Application - Each page also serves as a demo for how to render it inside your own codeSymfony Demo Application - A basic frontend is also provided for the Symfony Demo Application