Download Source Code Tendenci 5.1.494

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is announcing that Tendenci with version number 5.1.494 is already available to download.

What is Tendenci ?

Tendenci is A Python-based CMS (content management system), built for non-profit organizations, on top of technologies like Django and PostgreSQL .

Even if Tendenci has been branded as a “CMS for non-profits”, due to its comprehensive feature list, it can also be used in any other way or scope without any difficulties.Nevertheless, Tendenci fairs better when used for non-profits, greatly reducing development costs and time for any project it’s used for.

This is changelog for Tendenci version 5.1.494 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Tendenci - Tendenci comes with an inline editing experienceTendenci - Tendenci can be used to manage a multi-user systemTendenci - Pages, articles and various other content types can be managed with TendenciTendenci - New content can be added via a WYSIWYG editor as well with TendenciTendenci - The Tendenci CMS supports website themesTendenci - Theme files can be edited right on the siteTendenci - Various administration tools are packed with TendenciTendenci - Modules are also included with TendenciTendenci - A comprehensive settings page ships with the Tendenci CMSTendenci - A simplified admin backend is also available, if editing the content on the page might be a little laggy