Download Source Code Thredded 0.6.2

Thredded Team is announcing that Thredded Thredded Team with version number 0.6.2 is already available to download.

What is Thredded Thredded Team ?

Thredded Thredded Team is .

Thredded is one of the most powerful message boards for Ruby developers ever, created on the Ruby on Rails framework. The forum can work with three different database backends: SQLite, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. Developers can use each one they like, based on their requirements. Thredded is both simple and feature-rich. The forum supports Markdown text formatting, a built-in search feature, and multi-lingual setups for i18n deployments. Thredded also supports multiple message boards, pinned and locked topics, and private messages. The package also supports email notifications, @username-like mentions, and per-messageboard notifications. Admins can create forum skins with ease, and they can manage who can access what on the forum. When logged in, users will also see a list of currently logged-in users.

This is changelog for Thredded Thredded Team version 0.6.2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Thredded - Thredded is a powerful discussion board for Ruby on Rails developersThredded - Thredded support themes and multi-lingual setupsThredded - Thredded is easy to navigate and puts a focus on readabilityThredded - screenshot #4Thredded - screenshot #5Thredded - screenshot #6Thredded - screenshot #7Thredded - screenshot #8Thredded - screenshot #9