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John Papa is announcing that toastr with version number 2.1.2 is already available to download.

What is toastr ?

toastr is A cool little jQuery plugin to help you out when needing to show various types of alerts, warnings and notifications on a Web page .

toastr is a very versatile JavaScript-based user feedback system that can show a small notification message every time a user takes an action.Inside the notification message itself HTML content can be used, and the notification popup can be displayed in the corner of a page, or for the entire width of the page.Lots of customizable settings are available for toastr, starting from notification positioning and up to color options and display format.toastr allows very many settings to be added, allowing developers using the library to customize the final results, deeply integrating it with their websites and Web apps.A complex demo is included with the download package, to help developers get acquainted to the various toastr settings.

This is changelog for toastr version 2.1.2 :

  • Support for explicitly clearing a toast

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

toastr - toastr can be used to show various types of notifications, with custom text, icons, titles and a close buttontoastr - The position of toastr notifications can be changed to the page's corners or the top or bottom sections of a page