Download Source Code Video.js 4.12.15 / 5.0.0-rc.75

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Zencoder is announcing that Video.js with version number 4.12.15 / 5.0.0-rc.75 is already available to download.

What is Video.js ?

Video.js is An open source, fully-customizable HTML 5 video player, one of the best solutions to play video files via the native HTML 5 video utility .

Video.js (Video JS or VideoJS) is a JavaScript-based video player that uses the HTML5 video functionality built into advanced browsers.This HTML 5 video player offers a consistent look between browsers, providing a way to natively embed videos on your website, and have it look the same for all users, regardless of platform, device, or browser.Video.js is considered one of the most stable HTML 5 video player around, being used in production environments for sites like Vine, TwitPic, Airbnb, The Onion, or MIT.A demo included in the download package, to show developer how they can use Video.js.A version for the WordPress platform (as a plugin) can be downloaded from here.

This is changelog for Video.js version 4.12.15 / 5.0.0-rc.75 :

  • Added a Traditional Chinese translation
  • Updated the hide/show functions to use a class instead of inline styles
  • Added better handling of the additional videojs() arguments when the player is already initialized
  • Added a Vietnamese translation

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Video.js - VideoJS comes with a default player theme on which developers can build their own skins