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Torchbox is announcing that Wagtail with version number 1.2 is already available to download.

What is Wagtail ?

Wagtail is .

Designed to work out of the box on top of a PostgreSQL database (with optional SQLite support), Wagtail is a new breed of CMS, coming packed with lots of user friendly features, but using an advanced codebase that scales very easily to user traffic and a huge number of pages. On top of this add mobile support and its own plugin architecture, and you have a CMS usable in any type of environment and for any type of project, may it be a simple one-page CV, or a government portal with millions of hits every month. Being powered by Django means most Django modules will also be very Wagtail friendly, and its open source licensing ensures programmers can edit its core without having to look over their shoulders for lawyers or copyright infringement lawsuits. At this point, the Wagtail CMS might be under development, but even this branch is well usable, and its feature set will make sure you’re not lacking basic management options, covering almost all basic administration tasks.

This is changelog for Wagtail version 1.2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Wagtail - As with all CMS scripts, the Wagtail admin is password protectedWagtail - Once logged in, the admin will see a summary of immediate tasks in his dashboardWagtail - Pages, blogs, and other content types can be managed via the Wagtail CMS backendWagtail - The page and content editor is easy to use and very user friendlyWagtail - Wagtail includes a classic WYSIWYG editing experienceWagtail - A classic file manager is also included with the CMSWagtail - Each multimedia file can be edited and tweaked in detailWagtail - For each page, in depth meta details can be edited to help with SEOWagtail - Wagtail comes packed with a powerful, real-time search engineWagtail - Support for reusable code snippets is also included, helping developers create and add reusable page sectionsWagtail - Wagtail also includes support for responsive layouts and mobile devices