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is announcing that Weblate with version number 2.4 is already available to download.

What is Weblate ?

Weblate is A Python tool for helping with translations and multi-lingual support, created to help programmers developing their projects via Git .

Weblate allows developers to internationalize their applications via a simple, Web accessible GUI, without having to download or migrate their Git projects temporarily, just for the translation process.All translation data is kept in the source, and the entire internationalization process is deeply integrated with the Git repo.This allows project owners to add i18n support to their projects in real-time, without disrupting the regular development process.Weblate is an unique tool, in a class of its own, allowing companies and developers to roll out projects with internationalization support out of the box.

This is changelog for Weblate version 2.4 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Weblate - Weblate is a powerful translation system for your projectsWeblate - Multiple projects and translations can be managedWeblate - Admins can also search through their translation strings when neededWeblate - Weblate also records a history of all the user(s) doesWeblate - A report showing recent translation activity can also be viewedWeblate - Statistics for the site and its users are also includedWeblate - The status of translations for multiple languages can be reviewedWeblate - Various built-in checks and verifications can be triggeredWeblate - Translated data and Weblate activity can be exported to various formatsWeblate - For each project, a special dashboard can be accessedWeblate - So can for each languageWeblate - And for each translationWeblate - Adding a translation or suggestion is extremely easy via the Weblate interfaceWeblate - All Weblate users also have access to their own profile page