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is announcing that WebODF with version number 0.5.10 is already available to download.

What is WebODF ?

WebODF is Embed and edit ODF (Open Document Format) files on the Web with the help of this JavaScript library that also comes with support for mobile devices .

WebODF is an open source JavaScript library that allows ODF files to be opened, viewed and edited inside a Web browser, without having to use add-ons, extensions, or bindings to locally installed software.Everything is done inside the browser and the WebODF is the only thing needed to support this feature.The library basically breaks down the ODF files into its component parts and step-by-step reconstructs it inside a Web page using JS, HTML & CSS code.This allows the file to be perfectly viewed inside the page, even if opened locally (offline), from a Web server, or via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.Various embed modes are supported, allowing users only to view the file and its content, to view it with a basic toolbar on top for controlling zoom level and the page number, or allow the user all access, even to editing and formatting tasks.

This is changelog for WebODF version 0.5.10 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

WebODF - WebODF can be used to embed ODF files in Web pagesWebODF - WebODF can also be used to edit and format ODF files via the browserWebODF - Annotations and other ODF features can also be activated and supported as well