Download Source Code WinJS 4.1.0

Microsoft Corporation is announcing that WinJS with version number 4.1.0 is already available to download.

What is WinJS ?

WinJS is A JavaScript UI framework developed by Microsoft, allowing programmers to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies when building their Windows applications .

WinJS is not that easy to classify. It’s not a full-on JS framework, it’s not a mobile development kit, it’s not a CSS framework, it’s not a UI toolkit either.WinJS actually merges concepts from all, providing a wide set of tools that developers can use in creating applications that run the same on Windows desktop or mobile applications, specifically developed for the Modern UI (formerly known as Metro).The framework can also be used for classic websites as well, and also for HTML-based apps using tools like Apache Cordova or PhoneGap.The project is open sourced (unlike many other Microsoft projects) and can be used for any type of applications, coming packed with lots of ready-made controls and tools.Supported components:ListviewFlipViewNavBarAppBarTooltipPivotTogglesSearch boxDate pickerTime pickerRating systemTemplate engineAnimation engineZoomingFlyoutRepeaterAJAXBindingSchedulerPromises

This is changelog for WinJS version 4.1.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

WinJS - WinJS can be used in creating simple list views for showcasing contentWinJS - Elements on the page can be zoomed via special controlsWinJS - Image slideshows can also be build via WinJS technologyWinJS - Nav and app bars are also supported for adding navigation controls to a pageWinJS - Popover controls can be shown attached to any element when clickedWinJS - Various star rating systems can be createdWinJS - Simple or more complex tooltips are supported via WinJS as wellWinJSWinJS - Date and time pickers can be created as wellWinJSWinJS - WinJS developers can easily build basic toggle buttons as wellWinJS - Putting all these elements together allows developers to build complex Metro-like applications