Download Source Code Zend Framework 2.5.2

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Zend Technologies is announcing that Zend Framework with version number 2.5.2 is already available to download.

What is Zend Framework ?

Zend Framework is An open source, object oriented Web application framework for PHP 5, a modern, well-maintained, and extremely popular development tool .

Zend Framework allows developers to build complex PHP applications through an advanced Model-View-Controller (MVC) implementation.The framework can be used to establish a basic structure for PHP applications and then expand it via modular libraries.Zend is famous for its large components and plugins repository, allowing developers to easily build whatever they need for their projects.The framework is also very well respected, constantly updated, and always kept up to par with the latest technologies, development practices, and security bugs.There’s also lots of training material around, sample applications, and lots of expertise in its working methods already engrained in the PHP community.Currently, the Zend Framework is considered on of the top PHP frameworks, right next to other tools like Symfony, Laravel, and CakePHP.

This is changelog for Zend Framework version 2.5.2 :

  • Split the framework
  • Drop PHP 5.3 support
  • Bumping minimum PHP version requirement to 5.4.0
  • Make ZF2 a meta-package

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: