Download Source Code Zotonic 0.14.0

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Zotonic Development Team is announcing that Zotonic with version number 0.14.0 is already available to download.

What is Zotonic ?

Zotonic is .

Even if written in a less known programming language like Erlang, Zotonic is in no way inferior to other CMS scripts written in more known languages like Java, PHP, Ruby or Perl. It features all the tools you might expect from a CMS, and it will surely grab your attention thanks to its very high speed it loads, edits and saves data and pages. This is a direct consequence of using Erlang, a language known for its speed. For live production usage scenarios, Erlang is the perfect tool to run large scales websites and Web applications. Leave the small projects to smaller CMSs, Erlang is for portals and Intranets.

This is changelog for Zotonic version 0.14.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Zotonic - Zotonic comes with its own administration dashboardZotonic - All site content can be edited via the Zotonic panelZotonic - Pages and other custom post types can be edited via a simple WYSIWYG interfaceZotonic - A menu manager also ships with ZotonicZotonic - A file uploader and browser is included with the Zotonic systemZotonic - Content can be organized in categories in the Zotonic CMS backendZotonic - Zotonic content can also be translated in various languagesZotonic - Zotonic functionality can be extended via modulesZotonic - Webmasters can easily edit the site's userbaseZotonic - For each user, profile details can be tweaked at willZotonic - Various user roles and permissions can be changed as wellZotonic - For debugging purposes, various actions are logged with Zotonic