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Zurmo Inc. is announcing that Zurmo with version number 3.0.3 is already available to download.

What is Zurmo ?

Zurmo is An open source PHP-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a powerful and professional toolkit for managing a business via the Internet .

Zurmo is a CRM app built with technologies like jQuery, Yii, and RedBeanPHP, developed with the goal of helping business owners move online their employee and commercial activity management applications.The entire system is extremely easy to install and use, coming with an intuitive interface and lots of useful features to play around with.User roles make sure employees don’t go wondering off in other departments, and the customizable dashboard feature allows them to customize their workspace to best fit their needs.Administrators can manage everything from current contracts to future opportunities, allowing business owners to perfectly manage both their current clients and future expansion plans.Overall the Zurmo CRM fits in the top tier of open source, self-hosted CRM applications, a product to keep an eye on and even recommend to others.

This is changelog for Zurmo version 3.0.3 :

  • New Pause/Unpause campaign feature
  • Send test emails from an Email Template or Campaign screens
  • Integration with SendGrid’s Email Delivery service
  • More granular user notification management

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Zurmo - The Zurmo CRM comes with an easy to use installation assistantZurmo - Once everything up and running, the CRM backend can be accessedZurmo - After logging in, each user will see his own personalized dashboardZurmo - A message inbox will allow Zurmo users to message each otherZurmo - Customer accounts, leads, and various other contacts are all managed via the Zurmo CRM backendZurmoZurmoZurmo - Sales and business opportunities are also managed via ZurmoZurmo - Entire marketing campaigns can be planned via ZurmoZurmo - The company's projects and products can be managed inside Zurmo as wellZurmoZurmo - Reports can be generate to review employee activitiesZurmo - An administration panel is also available to the super user accountZurmo - The Zurmo interface can be adapted and tweaked via the "Designer" optionZurmo - Data and modules can be installed and imported in a Zurmo installationZurmo - Users can be organized in groups, their details edited, and the user roles adapted to fit access rightsZurmoZurmoZurmoZurmo - Workflow patterns can also be managed via the Zurmo backendZurmo - Various types of Web-based forms can be created and published from the Zurmo interfaceZurmo - A points system is also available for ranking the best and most active employeesZurmo - Meetings can be scheduled and added to the Zurmo calendar app