Pengguna DigitalOcean? Kini Kalian Wajib pakai VPC di Droplet!

Melalui sepucuk surat elektronik yang dikirimkan tadi pagi, manajemen DigitalOcean menghimbau kepada seluruh pengguna layanan private cloud murah terpopuler ini untuk menggunakan VPC atau Virtual Private Cloud disetiap droplet yang dimiliki, dimulai dari sekarang.

Nah, mulai tanggal 1 Oktober 2020 nanti semua droplet akan secara otomatis memiliki VPC/Virtual Private Cloud. Dan sejak 1 Oktober pula, fitur untuk menambahkan VPC juga akan di disable. Jadi, nanti sejak tanggal tersebut anda tidak bisa menambahkan VPC ke droplet lama.

Kutipan email:

Hi there,

Back in April we introduced VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), an evolution of our Private Network feature. It provides private connectivity for Droplets and gives you more control over the network’s configurations, including IP range and size, while also allowing you to have multiple networks.

Beginning October 1 2020, we will make VPC selection a standard part of the creation process of new Droplets. You don’t need to create a VPC if you don’t want to; we’ll assign an automatically created default VPC if you don’t specify which one you want to use. This behavior is already in place for all other resources; we’re just aligning them all to keep things simple.

On October 1, we’ll disable the feature that allows the addition of VPCs to existing Droplets that don’t already have one. Going forward, you’ll be able to do it using the documented migration process that is already in place. Until, then you can use the current process.

The standardization and streamlining of our features and processes is important to keep things simple and to allow us to provide even more features and a greater user experience going forward.

Feel free to open a Support ticket if you need more information. As always, we’re on standby to help.

Rafael Rosa
Senior Product Manager at DigitalOcean