Meet ScyllaDB, a Cassandra NoSQL DB in C++ That Claimed to be 10 Times Faster

Meet ScyllaDB, a Apache Cassandra fork that has rewritten in C++. This great product by Avi Kivity, Dor Laor and Benny Schnaider claimed to be 10 times faster than original Apache Cassandra NoSQL databases.

As you know, Apache Cassandra is an open-source distributed database management system, (technically just) NoSQL database that can work with huge loads of data, across of multiple clusters spread in different geographical data centers arround the world. This project is initiated by Facebook and later spread as open sources project by Apache Foundation in 2009.

Cassandra itself written in Java, which is quite different from most other NoSQL databases like MongoDB or Redis, which are written in C++ and/or C.

This particularity is what droveAvi Kivity, Dor Laor and Benny Schnaider to start work on ScyllaDB, creating a unique C++ framework called Seastar to help them port the Java code to a new async-based architecture that in the end has yielded a spectacular boost in performance.

According toAvi Kivity, Dor Laor and Benny Schnaider, the database can handle 1 million transactions per second per server, is fully compatible with Cassandra, and can be dropped in without any modifications to the underlying code.

You can read more and download their source code (ScyllaDB and Seastar) on GitHub.

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