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Animatronic Tutorial

Chris from Pyroelectro demonstrates some Animatronic Mouth concepts to bring your next robot to life. I would like to have this animatronic face tied to my computer and raise an eyebrow when I have an email and raise both when there are more than 10 unread emails.

DIY Halloween LED Blinking Eyes

Halloween is right around the corner. If you are looking for something that can be whipped together quickly and scare the pants off the kids that will be terrorizing the streets, look no further than these DIY Halloween LED Blinking Eyes by Pete Mills .

LCD Thermometer using a LM35

The LM35 Temperature Sensor is a versatile and inexpensive sensor that could be useful in many projects such as a PWM Fan Controller or this LCD Thermometer project . In this case a ATMega8 reads the analog value and updates the LCD to show the current temperature.