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Gentoo Linux 11.2 LiveDVD Includes Linux Kernel 3.0, KDE SC 4.7.0, GNOME 3.0

The Gentoo Linux 11.2 LiveDVD has been released. The latest update to the venerable Linux distro comes with plenty of updated packages with some of the latest and greatest releases included, such as Linux 3.0, KDE SC 4.7.0, GNOME 3 … Baca selengkapnya disini

Softpedia Linux Weekly, Issue 160

Welcome to the 160th issue of Softpedia Linux Weekly! The following Linux-based operating systems have been announced last week: Tiny Core Linux 3.8, Gentoo Linux 11.2 LiveDVD, Monomaxos 6.0 and Network Security Toolkit 2.15.0. In other news: Softpedia prepared a … Baca selengkapnya disini