Linux Mint 14 KDE is Released

Following rapidly in the footsteps of Linux Mint 14’s Xfce release, the Mint developers have now released the KDE edition of the latest version of their distribution. Based on the same Ubuntu foundation as the other Linux Mint 14 releases (with Cinnamon and MATE desktops), the KDE edition uses the KDE Software Collection 4.9, specifically 4.9.2, to provide its desktop. All four versions are available from the project’s download page as 32-bit and 64-bit variants.

Among the Mint enhancements is an improved Software Manager which no longer uses aptdaemon and has its own apt client. It also has debconf support, eliminating the need for using Synaptic package manager for certain packages and it runs as root so users do not have to enter their password to install packages every time. Other changes include the addition of MintStick, replacing USB-ImageWriter, for a better UI experience when creating memory sticks, automatic fallback to OpenDNS when no DNS server is found, new artwork and an improved KDM theme. (more…)

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Jual LiveDVD/LiveUSB Linux Mint 14 “Nadia”

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Menyusuli berita soal dirilisnya Linux Mint 14 “Nadia”, bagi para pecinta Linux Mint dan para pengguna linux yang ingin mencoba Linux Mint, kami Emka Linux Shop menyediakan produk Linux Mint 14 sbb:

LiveDVD Linux Mint 14

  • tersedia versi 32 bit ataupun 64 bit
  • garansi 100% lolos tes di hardware tester, untuk tiap DVD
  • harga Rp 20.000,- per keping DVD
  • DVD Case akrilik, plain cover, terbungkus kertas kardus

LiveUSB Linux Mint 14 (more…)

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Codename Linux Mint 14: Nadia

Sedikit update dari om Clement Lefebvre, pemimpin project Linux Mint bagi anda pengguna dan pemerhati Linux Mint. Tanggal 24 kemarin, om Clement mengumumkan dimulainya pengembangan Linux Mint 14 dan sejumlah strategi yang diambil.

Linux Mint 14 akan dirilis dengan codename “Nadia”, melanjutkan tradisi penggunaan nama wanita (female) yang dilakoni Linux Mint sejak awal. Linux Mint 14 akan tersedia mulai akhir November 2012, dengan beberapa varian rilis yang berbasis MATE (fork Gnome2), Cinnamon (fork Gnome3), KDE dan XFCE.

Nadia dalam bahasa inggris (nadya) berarti peliharaan Nadezhda, dalam bahasa rusia berarti harapan dan dalam bahasa arab (Nadiyya) berarti lembut. (more…)

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