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How to Record Terminal Session on Linux with TTYRec

Recording a terminal session could be important to create some learning material or references to someone, or just a sharing information in much understandable way. Unlike using Desktop Capture  software like RecordMyDesktop or Kazaam. You can use TTYRec as simple … Baca selengkapnya disini

Finding All MP4 files and Move to New Folder In Linux

So, basically (probablye we have the same problem) I have a (nearly) thousands MP4 files, spreaded accross my Drive. In Windows partition, in Linux Partition etc.

So,this is the time to make a move. I will move all MP4 files … Baca selengkapnya disini

How to List Disk in Linux

In Windows, all you have to type is “List Disk” using DisPart in a command prompt and it’ll list all physical storage devices available, their size, format, etc. How you can do this in Linux?

In linux there are many … Baca selengkapnya disini

How to Install VirtualBox Guest Addition to Ubuntu 15.04

After installing Ubuntu 15.04 inside virtualbox, you need to install the guest additions to get better hardware functionality inside it. These include full screen resolution, mouse wheel and pointer integration, copy paste from host os (shared clipboard), shared folders etc.… Baca selengkapnya disini