Mandriva 2011 Beta 2 Switches to LibreOffice 3.3

Mandriva, through Eugeni Dodonov, announced a couple of days ago, April 18th, the immediate availability for testing of the second and last Beta version of the upcoming Mandriva 2011 Linux operating system. This version is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures (see download link at the end of the article).

Mandriva 2011 Beta 2 is powered by the latest and greatest Linux kernel and KDE SC 4.6.2, it features new login manager functionality, integration of stack folders, new launcher and welcome applications, new panel, new theme and new artwork.

The most important feature is the switch from the old 3.2 to the new LibreOffice 3.3 office suite. Anssi Hannula’s reimplementation of graphical drivers interaction and KMS has also been integrated in Mandriva 2011 Beta 2. (more…)

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Mandriva Rilis Technology Preview 2012

Mandriva Linux, distro besar yang terlempar dari jajaran teratas distrowatch karena masalah diperusahaan dibelakangnya, kini merilis versi technology preview (TP) 2012.

Dirilis oleh pemimpin project yang baru dengan konsep pengembangan baru yang berbasis komunitas, kini Mandriva sedang mengakselerasi pengembangan distronya yang mandeg setengah tahun terakhir.


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Mandriva 2010.1 Spring – Problem Collection

This page contains the Errata for Mandriva Linux (2010 Spring). This means it contains information on known problems with Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring and, where available, how to fix, avoid or work around them. You should also see the Release Notes, which contain more general information on the Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring release.

The Free DVD (and free-dual CD) installer can’t be started in text mode
Selecting “Text”, from the menu that appears by pressing F3 at the initial GRUB screen, to start the installer in text mode doesn’t work, this is a known bug, tracked here: Bug #53874.

You can workaround this issue as follows: (more…)

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Akhirnya, Mandriva Kembali ke Komunitas!

Akhirnya, Mandriva kembali ke komunitas. Setelah mengalami masa sulit yang berkepanjangan sejak pasca rilisnya Mandriva 2011 Hydrogen, kini Mandriva mulai menampakkan tanda-tanda beraksi kembali. Ya, semenjak bangkrut untuk kedua kalinya, terpaksa mengurangi jumlah karyawan, terpecahnya komunitas, lahirnya fork baru “Mageia” dan kegagalan mencari investor baru, kini Mandriva SA membuat sebuah keputusan penting dan menurut saya tepat.

Mandriva SA mengembalikan pengembangan Mandriva Linux sepenuhnya ke komunitas. Pengembangan tersebut akan dikoordinasikan oleh sebuah Dewan (board) yang dibentuk oleh komunitas dengan memberikan slot pengurus Mandriva SA didalamnya. Keputusan yang lahir tanggal 17 Mei 2012 yang lalu ini mendapat dukungan penuh dari komunitas Mandriva, tak terkecuali para pengguna dan pengembang distro Mageia.

Berikut kutipan pengumuman dari CEO Mandriva SA tentang hal diatas: (more…)

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Video: Plasma-applet-stackfolder at Mandriva 2011

Mengacu berita rilis tentang Mandriva 2011 yang lalu, pada edisi kedepannya, KDE Mandriva akan dibenamkan langsung versi stable dari plasma-applet-stackfolder. Plasma-applet-stackfolder ini memberikan kemudahan akses folder didesktop maupun dipanel desktop, cukup dengan drag icon folder yang dimaksud dari dolphin ke area desktop atau ke panel.

silakan lihat videonya berikut: (more…)

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ROSA Linux Marathon 2012 RC Released

ROSA company has finished formation of a package base for the ROSA Marathon 2012 operating system.

We are glad to announce the Release Candidate (RC) of the system which will be subjected to a series of final tests, but will not undergo any significant changes. ROSA Marathon 2012 RC includes the following major software components: (more…)

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Update Software Mandriva 2010.1 [ 25 Juli 2010 ]

Berikut adalah list software/library yang patut anda update dari Mandriva 2010.1. Update ini akan membuat sistem anda (insyaallah) lebih stabil dan tangguh. Saya menggunakan repo API dari Mandriva dan sedikit repo PLF dari EasyUrpmi.

(medium “Main (Official2010.1-1)”)
dkms 2.0.19 20mdv2010.1 noarch
libncurses-devel 5.7 4.20091227.1> i586

(medium “Main Testing (Official2010.1-3)”) (more…)

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Mandriva Spring, has it rosy future?

It was over six weeks ago that rumors, later confirmed as true, circulated stating that Mandriva’s financial situation was so dire that it was considering buy-out offers to try to avoid having to close its doors. This news struck many Mandriva users and developers hard and all held their breath waiting for further news and the release of Mandriva Spring 2010.1. Although the final release of 2010.1 is still absent, news that Mandriva S.A. might be saved was met with sighs of relief and a healthy dose of skepticism.

News broke June 22 on the French technology Website,, that Mandriva would neither have to be sold or closed due to the appearance of some private investors. Mandriva CEO Arnaud Laprévote said that “the community and users no longer need to be concerned.” However, some still are. (more…)

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