OpenMandriva 2013 Alpha Is Released

Lately, Bernhard Rosenkranzer (bero) as project leader of OpenMandriva released the public alpha of OpenMandriva 2013 thats the official first release of the young association established by the Community of Mandriva Users (and ROSA Users). This ISO is announced in Cooker ML.

This is the announcement by bero:
we’ve finally solved the problem with non-booting ISOs we’ve had lately (will
follow up with some more information on om-cooker only).

I’ve put up a new iso (this should not yet be considered the beta, there’s
still some issues we need to sort out – but we’re getting close) at (more…)

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OpenMandriva for ARM Sedang Dalam Masa Development Yang Serius

Walaupun secara umum OpenMandriva masih dalam tahap persiapan infrastruktur dan keorganisasian, namun sejatinya sejumlah paket software dan library yang sudah dikembangkan dalam Cooker sudah bisa diracik menjadi distribusi linux, termasuk pula versi ARM dari repositorinya. Hal inilah yang dilakukan team OpenMandriva for ARM yang dipimpin oleh om Alexander Kryukhin dari ROSA Lab Russia.

Berikut kutipan beritanya di milist Cooker dan OpenMandriva tentang cara membuat images dari armv7l: (more…)

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OpenMandriva 2013 Cooker ARM Edition is Released!

Even the 2012 edition still not clear enough, also the future distro name, the community of OpenMandriva (esp. in cooker) is take a step a head with releasing the new branch of OpenMandriva 2013 for ARM Processor. This step is (maybe) one of community strategy to take an attention in linux world and proved that OpenMandriva community is strong enough to take closer with the competitor like Ubuntu ARM, OpenSUSE, Fedora ARM etc.

This cooker port edition of Armv7l is lead by Alexander Khruskin (one of ROSA Lab developers). And this is the release news taken from Foundations mailist: (more…)

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