100 Million Plugin Downloads and Counting (via WordPress.org)

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Luar biasa, cuma itu yang bisa saya katakan! Hampir 100 juta download dan terus bertambah bagi pengguna dan penikmat Plugin WordPress. Tampaknya WordPress jadi produk open source yang laris bak kacang goreng!

WordPress 3.0 Thelonious passed 3 million downloads yesterday, and today the plugin directory followed suit with a milestone of its own: 100 million downloads.

The WordPress community’s growth over the years has been tremendous, and we want to reinvest in it. So we’re taking the next two months to concentrate on improving WordPress.org. A major part of that will be improving the infrastructure of the plugins directory. More than 10,000 plugins are in the directory, every one of them GPL compatible and free as in both beer and speech. Here’s what we have in mind: (more…)

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