How to Upgrade Debian Lenny to Debian Squeeze

One rather old laptop and one server were the test objects for this howto. Both systems do not have any RAID devices and use a simple partition scheme from a default basic Lenny install. If your setup deviates much from this, it’s highly recommended to read all details of the Debian Release Notes before you continue. Be warned. All commands are run as root and Debian recommends to use apt-get for the Squeeze upgrade process.

As with all upgrades, begin with a backup of your critical data, and that will be the users data in /home/your-users but I would also back up the content of all configurations files. The latter can quickly be archived:

tar -czvf host.etc.tar.gz /etc

Move your files for safe storage on a backup drive. (more…)

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Update your Postfix A.S.A.P

Postfix, a mail server that started life at IBM research as an alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program, is now at version 2.9.5.

Highlights of Postfix 2.9.5:

• A false error (missing “]” character) which occurred when a reject_{rhs,dns}bl_* or permit_{rhs,dns}wl_* reply pattern started with “[“, has been fixed;
• The postscreen_access_list feature failed to ignore case in the first character of a command (e.g., permit, reject, etc.); (more…)

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Update Software Mandriva 2010.1 [ 25 Juli 2010 ]

Berikut adalah list software/library yang patut anda update dari Mandriva 2010.1. Update ini akan membuat sistem anda (insyaallah) lebih stabil dan tangguh. Saya menggunakan repo API dari Mandriva dan sedikit repo PLF dari EasyUrpmi.

(medium “Main (Official2010.1-1)”)
dkms 2.0.19 20mdv2010.1 noarch
libncurses-devel 5.7 4.20091227.1> i586

(medium “Main Testing (Official2010.1-3)”) (more…)

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