Yang Baru di Laravel 5.5.14!

Laravel v5.5.14 barusan saja dirilis dan sudah bisa di download gan!  Seperti biasa, tiap rilis dari laravel ada saja fitur baru yang dimasukkan, sejumlah perubahan dan bug fix. Inilah mereka!

Fitur Baru

  • Allow testing anonymous notifiables (#21379)
  • Add relation and model attributes on RelationNotFoundException (#21426)
  • Allow passing a callback to with() (#21445)
  • Added PotentiallyMissing interface to MissingValue class (be7dccc)
  • Accept $queue name on Schedule::job() (#21473)
  • Added callback and default parameter whenLoaded() method (#21490)
  • Allow marking notifications as unread (#21497)
  • Added Collection::mapToDictionary() method (#21505)
  • Added make:exception command (#21483)


  • Reset RefreshDatabaseState after DatabaseMigrations rolls back (#21325)
  • Make sure page resolver returns an integer (#21378)
  • Allow single error messages in ValidationException::withMessages()(#21400)
  • Revert Collection::sortBy() behaviour to 5.4 (#21382)
  • Use fill instead of forceFill while storing pivot attributes (#21403)
  • Alphabetize vendor:publish options (#21412)
  • Extract AnonymousResourceCollection into class to allow serialization (#21456)
  • Extract some methods from Resource into ConditionallyLoadsAttributestrait (28d945e1f37ccc)

Bug Fix

  • Ensure user is logged in before expecting user instance (#21377)
  • Remove leading slash from class while resolving controllers (#21407)
  • Make sure SQL for virtual columns is added after the unsigned modifier (#21441)
  • Fixed Collection::contains() when the found value is null (#21442)
  • Fixed merge issue in Relation::morphMap() (#21458)
  • Clear count query select bindings in Relation::getRelationExistenceCountQuery() (#21468)
  • Fixed user model type hints policy stub (#21499)

Selamat mencoba gan, silakan klik di masing-masing link untuk lihat apa sih yang ditambahin/diganti/diperbaiki.

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