How to Add New Search Engines on Chrome

This is the day where search engines come to save our day. Now, creating an organizing a list of results based on various criteria is easy peasy. Some are specialized to retrieve data only from particular locations, narrowing specific down results.

This is how to adding a new custom search engine:

Step 1: Download, install, and run Google Chrome.

Step 2-a: Right-click the URL field and choose to Edit search engines.


Step 2-b: Press the Hamburger button and go to Settings. In the Search category, choose to Manage search engines.

Step 3: Locate the Other search engines panel.

Step 4: Write down a name in the first empty field that reads Add a new search engine to define the engine you want.

Step 5: In the Keyword field, write a letter or word to easily access the specific engine.

Step 6: Open an empty tab and navigate to the page for which to add a new engine.

Step 7: Perform a simple search of anything on that site.

Step 8: Copy the whole URL back in the settings menu for Search engines, in the last empty field.

Step 9: Identify your query in the URL you just pasted, and replace it with %s.

Step 10: Hit Done for changes to take effect. To perform a search on the new engine, write down the keyword in the URL bar, hit Tab on your keyboard, then simply write down the query.

Examples of custom search engines




Google Images:

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