SystemD Equivalent Command for Upstart

This is equivalent command from SystemD for Upstart.


Upstart Command

Systemd equivalent


Start service

start $job

systemctl start $unit

Stop service

stop $job

systemctl stop $unit

Restart service

restart $job

systemctl restart $unit

See status of services

initctl list

systemctl status

Check configuration is valid

init-checkconf /tmp/foo.conf

systemd-analyze verify <unit_file>

Show job environment

initctl list-env

systemctl show-environment

Set job environment variable

initctl set-env foo=bar

systemctl set-environment foo=bar

Remove job environment variable

initctl unset-env foo

systemctl unset-environment foo

View job log

cat /var/log/upstart/$job.log

sudo journalctl -u $unit

tail -f job log

tail -f /var/log/upstart/$job.log

sudo journalctl -u $unit -f

Show relationship between services


systemctl list-dependencies --all

Shows pstree-style output.

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