How to List Disk in Linux

In Windows, all you have to type is “List Disk” using DisPart in a command prompt and it’ll list all physical storage devices available, their size, format, etc. How you can do this in Linux?

In linux there are many tools for that, for example lsblk, fdisk -l or parted -l.

this is lsblk output example

$ lsblk
sda            8:0      0   238.5G  0   disk
├─sda1         8:1      0   200M    0   part  /boot/efi
├─sda2         8:2      0   500M    0   part  /boot
└─sda3         8:3      0   237.8G  0   part
├─fedora-root  253:0    0   50G     0   lvm   /
├─fedora-swap  253:1    0   2G      0   lvm   [SWAP]
└─fedora-home  253:2    0   185.9G  0   lvm

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