How to Install KaOS Linux 2018.12 + First Boot Experience!

KaOS Linux is independent Linux Distribution intended to bring a joyful experience of vanilla KDE and Qt to the mass! It begin as a linux project called ‘KdeOS’ in 2013. Although it build from scratch and totally independent, KaOS is heavly inspired by Arch Linux. KaOS is rolling release distribution, and releasing one installer ISO every month or so.

KaOS Linux 2018.12 is the latest ISO available. KaOS 2018.12 is bringing KDE Plasma Desktop framework 5.53.0, and Plasma 5.14.4 and KDE Applications Suite version 18.12.0.

KaOS Linux 2018.12 released as 1,990 MB ISO file. You can download it from Sourceforge:

Building LiveUSB

You have to burn those ISO to USB Flash Disk, optimally around 4GB size. You can use dd command in Linux or other burner software like Etcher or ROSA Image Writer.

With dd command:

sudo dd if=/home/user/Downloads/KaOS-2018.12-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdX

How to Install

Boot your KaOS LiveUSB to your computer. Take a time, click Install KaOS.

KaOS is using Calamares Installer, a distro-agnostic installer that use by many other distributions.

Click Next to begin installation.

Read the Release Notes, click Next

Select your Location Time (based on your Country/City)

Select your Keyboard layout

Select your partition (root partition / or customize as your own)

Create new user and password for user and root account

Wait until installation process is finished.


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