Tutorial Windows: Check Size of Folders in Windows

Disk space is no longer a great concern since storing devices get smaller and smaller, but can fit incredibly large quantities of data, and they don’t even cost a lot.

However, programs and video games also grow larger in size, because of the abundance of resources they require to run. Needless to say that your hard disk drive can easily get filled with music, movies, TV shows and other type of files, and you one day end up with little to no free space when you actually need it.

Windows Explorer displays files and folders in several ways, one of which also shows how much a file takes up. Sadly, folders are not taken into consideration, which becomes frustrating when you hunt down things that clog your PC. Below are a couple of programs you can use in cleaning sessions.

Identifying large folders

Using SizeExplorer Pro:

Step 1: Download, install, and run SizeExplorer Pro:

Step 2: Navigate to the location of the folders you want to analyze.

Step 3: Select the target directory either from the left explorer pane or the middle content section, and press the Explore button.

Step 4: Sort by clicking on column headers, including Size or Percentage of Parent for better view.

Step 5 (alternative): Right-click a folder you want to analyze. Hover your mouse over SizeExplorer Pro and click on Explore.

Using Folder Size:

Step 1: Download, install, and run Folder Size.

Step 2: Now, just open a folder and a new window appears with a list of all files and directories along with their size.

Step 3 (alternative): Right-click the tray icon and Uncheck the option to Show Folder Size Popup for normal navigation. Click the tray icon for the list to appear on the screen while in a folder.

Note: If Folder Size refuses to appear or display any data, either refresh, move to a new location and return.

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