Tutorial Windows: Control Windows Only with Your Voice

Just like any computer, a Windows-based PC is controlled with a mouse and keyboard. However, technology gave birth to a few more methods.

Introduced some time ago, a Windows feature attempted to detect and recognize human speech. Now, it’s integrated even in the upcoming release of Windows 10, and truth be told, it’s pretty powerful. Not only can it be toggled by voice, but also used without ever having to touch the mouse or keyboard.

Choosing to set up Windows Speech Recognition only takes you through a few steps, without downloading any extra features. We played with it and found it quite pleasant, and put up a series of steps to show you how it can do.

Configuring and using speech recognition

Step 1: Press Win + S and search for Windows Speech Recognition.

Step 2: Go through the first Setup Wizard to configure microphone position and sensitivity.

With the microphone set up, the Speech Recognition program is displayed in the upper part of the screen. Every command you give it is displayed in the window and performed within a couple of seconds at most.

Step 3: Say “Start Listening” or press Ctrl + Win if nothing happens.

Step 4: Try out a few basic commands to get acquainted with speed, pronunciation, and detection.

Step 5: Use simple commands like Run, Click, Double-click, Right-click, Close, Search, etc. followed by the action.

Example: Launch This PC is going to open up Windows Explorer. Close This PC closes the window.

Note: Whatever you say is compared to any text it finds in the active window, and eventually activated. For instance, saying a context menu item clicks it, just like any other option in general Settings.

In conclusion

It can take some time to get used to Windows Speech Recognition. There needs to be silence in the room, with every single sound processed. Detection is pretty good when it comes to commands, with a little bit of a struggle when trying to spell or type. All in all, it deserves at least a try, especially when you get your hands dirty around the computer, when cooking or doing repairs on your car.

Note: Everything in the clip below and the ones in the gallery is done using only voice commands.

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