Tutorial Windows: Create a System Restore Point in Windows 10

Anything you install on your computer, especially if it’s already equipped with tons of different programs, can trigger something unexpected. This can even be the case with Windows’ own updates.

However, the guys over at Microsoft put some thought into it and created a solution to give your computer a second chance when errors keep the system from running as it should. The process freezes the current state of your PC and all its configurations in a form you can come back to at any given moment.

Needless to say that we’re talking about System Restore Points, and it’s a feature that’s not going to go away any time soon. Here’s what and how you need to manage it in Windows 10.

Creating a System Restore Point

Step 1: Press Win + S and look for System Restore.

Step 2: Click the item that says Create a Restore Point.

Step 3: In the Protection Settings section, check to see if Protection is enabled for any of the Drives, especially the one where Windows is installed.

Note: If Protection is already enabled for the System Drive, jump to Step 7.

Step 4: Select the System Drive and press Configure.

Step 5: Choose to Turn on System Protection.

Step 6: Move the slider in the Disk Space Usage section to get around 5 or 10 GB. Hit Apply and OK to confirm.

Note: The more disk space you attribute, the more System Restore Points are saved. When space is not enough, older entries are removed.

Step 7: Select the System Drive and click on the Create button.

Step 8: Write down a Description you’re sure to remember in the prompt that appears. Press the Create button afterwards.

Step 9: Wait for it to be created and press OK to close the confirmation window that appears when done.

A few last words

Some large, specialized, or sophisticated programs automatically trigger the creation of a restore point during the installation process. Bottom line is that a good idea is to manually create a Restore Point whenever you feel your computer is in top shape, just to be on the safe side.

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