Tutorial Windows: Cut Out Objects from Pictures in Windows

Everyone wants to show off through pictures with some exciting new things or exotic holiday location. Sadly, most of them are just fakes, and this is easily seen due to poor editing.

Modern computer applications increasingly simplify all the hard work in every domain of activity. For instance, a program can now be created without writing a single line of code. Windows does this too, bringing more, usually helpful and easy features to make your life comfortable.

The Office Suite made a powerful name for itself, letting you manage not only text, but presentation and thorough math calculus. Another thing you can do is edit pictures, and even carefully cut out objects from them. Here’s how you can do that.

Extracting objects from pictures with using Office

Step 1: Run PowerPoint.

Step 2: Choose to create a New Blank Slide and remove default text boxes.

Step 3: Drag the picture of interest over the main window, or use the Insert Pictures entry from the ribbon menu.

Step 4: Select the picture and access the Format ribbon menu entry.

Step 5: Hit the Remove Background button.

Step 6: Adjust the coverage area over the object of interest.

Step 7: Reduce the borders until only the object you want is selected.

Step 8: Mark Areas to Keep or Remove by either drawing lines or placing points over the areas of interest.

Step 9: Hit the Keep Changes button to confirm.

Step 10: Press the Crop button and adjust the box as to only fit the object you cut out.

Step 11: Right-click the freshly-cut object and choose to Save as Picture.

Step 12: Specify a name and destination but keep the PNG format, otherwise transparency is lost.

Bonus hint: There are an abundance of effects and enhancements to apply to your photos, such as bevel, layouts, borders, shadow, rotation and more. Right-click the picture, select Format Picture, and have fun with the variety of customization options.

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