Tutorial Windows: How Bing Desktop Fits in Windows 10

Ever since Microsoft hit the market, it tried to cover as much as possible of every domain of activity in an attempt to improve it. As such, Microsoft is a suitable example of heavy perseverance, since not all goes according to plan, but still moves on and looks for improvements.

Needless to say that the mind quickly jumps to Internet Explorer’s controversial history, be it funny or exaggerated at times. Another example is its dedicated search engine, namely Bing. The list can go on and on, but in spite of all this, there generally seems to be a lot of love for this IT veteran.

Sticking to Bing, it does at least one thing right, and that is providing you with a daily dose of spectacular pictures. There’s even a utility to integrate in Windows in case Bing is amongst your preferred services. The app in question is Bing Desktop, and we have to say it looks pretty good in Windows 10.

Bing my desktop

Step 1: Download, install, and run Bing Desktop.

Step 2: Place the desktop gadget anywhere you want on the screen.

Hint: Sticking it to a screen edge makes it automatically hide and reveal on mouseover.

Step 3: Press the little Gear button to go through a few options. Amongst others, you can enable a search bar on the taskbar, turn on the wallpaper toolset, set app hotkey, and a few more.

Step 4: Hit the i button and choose to have a Bing wallpaper automatically set as your background every now and then. If you don’t like it, there’s a button to pick a random one.

Step 5: Quickly find queries of interest by typing them down in the text field.

Step 6: Check weather, news and popular trends by navigating through categories.

Step 7 (bonus): If you happen to come across a picture you want others to see, there’s a quick command to share it via your Facebook account.

In conclusion

Although not a part of the new Windows, Bing Desktop is one of those small apps that Microsoft created that is sure to come in handy. If not for the quick search options, at least for the high-quality, stunning wallpapers it can change and keep every five seconds.

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